About Us

With the belief  that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity , Mr Iqbal Singh Soni started serving 100 meals to the less privileged at the local Govt run SMS Hospital from January of 2018.

As the word spread about the good work donations started to pour in and to formalise the good work Feeding Hands was born.

Over a period of time with the active support of his team and with the help of the donors Feeding Hands has reached a stage today where 2000 meals along with 350 cups of tea and 250 snacks are served each day to the less privileged . 


Iqbal Singh Soni
Iqbal Singh SoniBusinessman
Amardeep Soni
Amardeep Soni Businessman
Pankaj Jain
Pankaj JainBusinessman
Yogesh Narula
Yogesh NarulaBusinessman
Hargovind S Bhasin
Hargovind S BhasinDoctor
Sunil Kumar Sharma
Sunil Kumar SharmaChartered Accountant